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Chemical Feed & Disinfection Systems

Watson Marlow Logo
Watson Marlow

Qdos chemical metering pumps and systems, peristaltic pumps, bredel and apex hose pumps, factory built pump systems



BlueInGreen Logo

SDOX-CS® adaptable aeration, CDOX® precise PH adjustment and Hydoz dependable disinfection



Chemco Systems Logo
Chemco Systems

Lime feed systems and silos, dry chemical feed systems and ammonia feed systems



Enaqua Logo

Ultraviolet disinfection systems utilizing AFP non contact technology



Fluid Dynamic, Inc. Logo
UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc.

Fluid Dynamics polymer activation and blending products including dynaBLEND™ liquid polymer and dynaJet® dry polymer feed systems



Johnson Matthey/MIOX Logo
De Nora Water Technologies, LLC.

MIOX on-site mixed oxidant generation systems and ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generators



Purafil Logo

Emergency gas chlorine scrubbers



Primozone Logo

Redefining ozone technology with cutting edge generators. Primozone generators are modular with a small footprint, energy efficient, and can produce up to 20 wt% ozone concentration.



Primozone Logo
Jacobi Carbons

AquaSorb™ range of activated carbon is specifically designed for use in drinkng water applications