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Spectrum Water Technologie

Spectrum’s rugged, long-lasting dewatering equipment enables simple disposal of solids from wastewater, streamlining the waste reduction effort and eliminating time, labor, and money spent on unnecessary waste treatment volume. Spectrum’s most widely used dewatering equipment requires only the power of gravity, saving our clients electricity and fuel costs. Because our Turbo Phase Separator has no moving parts, almost no maintenance is required.



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Rotamix® mechanical hydraulic mixing systems for sludge holding, flow equalization, and anoxic tanks



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Gravity belt thickeners, belt presses, sludge dryers, DAF units, vacuum filters



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Fournier Industries, Inc.

Rotary press dewatering system - up to 6 channels per unit



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Anerobic digestion equipment to include: Membrane gasholder, sludge pre treatment, steel covers and digestion mixing. Aerobic digestion solutions to include coarse bubble difusers, aerobic digester covers, thickened aerobic digestion systems and membrane thickening, anammo, PAQ™ process, DigestivorePAD™, BioAlgaNyx™bioengineered technology, sludge handling equipment, DAF, membrane and gravity thickener.



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Schwing Bioset

Screw Press, bioset process, piston pumps, sliding frame and push floor silos, and fluid bed drying



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Varec Biogas, an Ovivo Company

A complete line of Biogas Safety and Handling products, including burners and flares, degester cover equipment, digester gas cleaning and drying equipment, and gas control



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Thermal Process Systems

ThermAer™ advanced thermophilic treatment, BiofiltAer™ odor control system, ThermSolAer™ solar drying